Security Systems

Solutions Plus will work with you to evolve an integrated system tailored to meet your specific security requirements. As master systems integrators, we look at the big picture, not just products or proprietary systems to arrive at a solution. So if you're looking for an advanced security system that’s both comprehensive and cost-effective, you can count on Solutions Plus to be your trusted advisor.

Security & Surveillance System

  • •    Corporate House Security System – Building wide      systems integrations

  • •    Home Security System – Identity Management

  • •    Fire Alarms & Safety System

  • •    Bio Matric Device - Intrusion Control
  • •   Security Information Management – Policies &      Procedures Development

Security and IT Services

  • •    Anti-virus and anti-malware management.

  • •    User's activities monitoring.

  • •    Capacity monitoring.

  • •    Security management.

  • •   Anti-manipulation management

MSS – Managed Security Services

  • •   Systematic approach to an organisations security needs.

  • •    Provide interworking components and servicesnetworked/integrated by electronic devices working together with a central      control panel to protect against any security breach/violation

  • •    To cover hard to see or distant/remote areas with Surveillance Cameras – accessed remotely on computer/smartphone/tabs      to record security breach

  • •    Round the clock management of Intrusion Detection System
  • •   Bring enterprise class security services with affordable budgets in flexible manner

Note- The names appearing on the products do not represent that the products are manufactured. These are only for identification.