Network Services

Solutions Plus adopts a consultative approach to delivering Network and Communication Managed Services. We consider the business drivers, associated risks and impact of delivering operational support. We begin by developing a plan and customizing it to your needs. We then implement this plan by providing continuous service to maintain your infrastructure and keep your business running! Engaging with key clients and business owners or its Consultants to understand the business and to assist with design, delivery, implementation and support. Our Total Support Solutions has developed three tiers of Managed Services that can be further customized to fit your business technology needs - Working closely with your consultant to support, monitor, and optimize network performance while maximizing network security and availability. We are committed to delivering excellent and prompt service while aspiring to build a strong professional partnership with all of our clients. Solutions Plus not only guarantees to meet or beat any other Service Level Agreement pricing for its services but also assures of Making it essential=Making it ready-Making it happen and Making it stick

  • •   Email (provided by an Email service provider)

  • •   Internet (provided by an Internet service provider)

  • •   Telephone (typically provided by a telephone company)
  • •   Tele-Presence (provided by a Tele-Presence Managed Service Provider)

  • •   Videoconferencing (provided by a Video Conference Managed Service Provider or by a Video Managed Service Provider)

  • •   Voice over Internet Protocol (Provided by a VoIP service provider)

  • •   Backup and Storage

  • •   Servers and Data

  • •   Security

  • •   Layer – III Structured Cabling

  • •   Managed & Unmanaged LAN / WIFI Network

Note- The names appearing on the products do not represent that the products are manufactured. These are only for identification.