IT services

Each day newer ventures are bristling with aggression for the ever shrinking pockets of consumers, vying for top of the mind recall and with the competition on rise it is getting increasingly difficult to acquire new high value users even at cost effective rates. Thus spending on essential paraphernalia of CITS becomes an uphill task to justify to the cost cutting committee viewing every outgo from the critical visors of austerity.

The endeavour thus is to budget Capex on non-core setups and help synergise the ICT (information and communication technology) ecosystem and provide scope enough to scale efficiently for future needs. In the unforeseen event of IT integration wherein you wish to change your tech platform entailing a huge outgo, the project is usually phased. But all is not lost, good news is we have the potential to help address some off the most vexing problem in this scenario and help devise steps in monetizing effectively.

All this is possible given to our rich experience and expertise in the field of IT and Telecom. We have in-house capabilities to address the diversified services which spring out of an IT Project

and help you bounce off queries to customize the product. Our Secret sauce does not only changes the look and feel, but personalizes it to focus on capabilities, supporting a broad variety of the customer needs, putting them on a more competitive footing by providingquality IT services tailor-made to your requirement by careful analysis and evaluation of your IT Strategy needs through synergy of people, process and Product. Prioritising speed, efficiency, flexibility for scalability through solutions, system integration, testing application development and managing services, be it project based or outsourced IT Services.

We at Solutions Plus really understand the technical landscape and would serve as a very useful sounding board to help you quantify and evolve a concept that addresses your hands on need, with integrated solutions and added value systems with cost effective and cutting edge IT infrastructure solutions, building tomorrows enterprise in a shoe-string budget. As we sense the potential of the project we undertake its LTV (long term value) analysis to make the organisation safe first with technology for both data and security agency and then providing tools for smart integration among various branches, if the need so arises through services which allow you to do business without worrying for underlying technology or IT infrastructures. Our CITS enterprise architecture team undertakes Value stream mapping before embarking on the project. help define tolerance outages and analyse and resolve an issue in design rather than in transition or operation –working on the woodworking principle of measure twice, cut once, with a firm commitment of seeing through the Five part IT Service lifecycle – Strategy – Design – Transition – Operation and CSI (Continual services improvement).

CITS Catalogue

  • •   Aligning enterprise IT services – entirety of activities

  • •   End-to-end plans for supporting new or changed services

  • •   TOC (Total cost of ownership Model)

  • •   BSM (Business Service Management)- oversee IT – based on pressing needs of business

  • •   Strategy - Delivering business outcome, Eliminating time consuming activities that impede innovation
  • •   CSI -Priorities resource allocation identify constraints, area of improvement, risks and develop IT services.

Note- The names appearing on the products do not represent that the products are manufactured. These are only for identification.