Biometric System

Biometric Deviceare a unique set of security systems which help in intrusion control and identity management. Investing in this set-up has of late been a fad which has lived upto its utility. Some of these products have improved with time from rudimentary scanner to well evolved software driven technology and thus each comes with a price tag of its own - some far costlier than the others, as they feature technology that is much more complex. However, the amount that you spend on the various types of biometric devices will be directly proportionate to the level of security you need. The more secure you want your home or business to be, the more costly your device will be.

Biometric Devices

  • •   Retina Scanner – Iris Scanning

  • •   Finger Print Scanner

  • •   Facial Biometrics

  • •   Voice Recognition

  • •   Hand Print Scanner

Note- The names appearing on the products do not represent that the products are manufactured. These are only for identification.